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So, birthday. Thanks for all the wishes and stuff. Thanks to curiouswombat for the eCard - no, I hadn't seen it before (and I didn't get any others).

My mum and I went to lunch and then went around John Lewis. How exciting am I?

I got:

21 disc Hammer box set
2 CD's (Siouxsie Sioux and The White Stripes (hurrah for a Mum that knows how to read an Amazon Wish List))
A necklace
A shelving unit for my hall to replace the display cabinet of junk shop ugliness chic.
Some yoghurt coated Brazil nuts (all gone).
4 miniature bottles of French wine and an Indian Take Away (from my friends, almost all gone)
2 more Breyer model horses (from myself)
A paper bag from Exeter Cathedral which my mum thought I might like.
And almost forgot Season Three of The Mighty Boosh on pre-order.


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Sounds like a good haul. Which Siouxsie album did you get?

Not many suprises in there as I had to help out with pointing out what I wanted as my mum isn't well.

The CD is Sioux's new solo one, Mantaray.

sounds like an excellent haul
Happy birthday!

Idiot here forgot to watch Torchwood, very impressed with torchwood online service, less impressed with Archers - it wants me to download iplayer and I don't want to

Thanks. It's not a bad haul, especially as I know the box set was a bargain - £100 cheaper!

>>Idiot here forgot to watch Torchwood

Well done!

A paper bag from Exeter Cathedral which my mum thought I might like.

Ooh - you can put things in it and then take them out of it - Eeyore would certainly have approved.

I am quite surprised that no-one else found the silly witch e-card!

I also got a useful box to put things in (it came with the necklace).

No one else loved me. :(

Sounds like you got good loot. Hope it's a wonderful year.

Thank you!

Happy Birthday!!!!

My mom can read wish lists too, she justs plainly ignores them xD

Belated Happy Birthday from the land of dial-up. Having lunch with your mum and then going shopping sounds like a good way to spend the day. I'm intrigued by the paper bag!

Thanks. Not when the 'shopping' is for duvet covers!

My mum bought my card from Exeter cathedral and she kept it in the paper bag because it had a picture of it on the front and she thought I'd like it!

Happy Birthday! (A little late, but the feeling's there...)

Was that the HW John Lewis, 'cause that's vaguely exciting, what with it being mahoosive and everything. Otherwise, yay, bounty!

It's the thought that counts.

It was MK John Lewis. You know, I don't think I have ever been to HW.

We didn't buy anything.

I don't think I've ever been to MK. And I may be getting confused about how close HW is to HH - they're probably in opposite directions from me, thinking about it, so it isn't too much of a surprise you've never gone!

Did you at least sit on some of the comfy display sofas?

Happy birthday! Glad it was a good one.

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