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So, birthday. Thanks for all the wishes and stuff. Thanks to curiouswombat for the eCard - no, I hadn't seen it before (and I didn't get any others).

My mum and I went to lunch and then went around John Lewis. How exciting am I?

I got:

21 disc Hammer box set
2 CD's (Siouxsie Sioux and The White Stripes (hurrah for a Mum that knows how to read an Amazon Wish List))
A necklace
A shelving unit for my hall to replace the display cabinet of junk shop ugliness chic.
Some yoghurt coated Brazil nuts (all gone).
4 miniature bottles of French wine and an Indian Take Away (from my friends, almost all gone)
2 more Breyer model horses (from myself)
A paper bag from Exeter Cathedral which my mum thought I might like.
And almost forgot Season Three of The Mighty Boosh on pre-order.

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