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Choices, choices

Shall I watch Torchwood or a dodgy French horror film from the 70's?



Not a hard choice.

Dodgy French horror film from the 70's wins every time.

Anyone else not care and want to join me in Don't Care Corner?


I might get very lonely...

ETA: Have decided to watch Stigmata instead of dealing with subtitles and LJ.

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I'll join you in the "Don't Care" corner. As long as you have a fire and a hot beverage. ;)

I don't have a fire, but I have the heating on really high. What's your poison?

Heating works for me, and I'll do tea, I think.

Honestly, I grew tired of Dr. Who and never started on Torchwood. Not even JM's presence will get me to watch it now.

My teabags are a bit old, I'm afraid.

I'll watch Dr Who, but it's not unmissable. I have no desire to watch what looks like a jazzed up Adam and Ants video.

Ah, well. Perhaps a hot toddy then.

My slash bone is broken, I think. JM is hot, but... *shrugs*

And clearly, class is really boring at the moment.

That I can do.

I don't think ever had a slash bone to break, either that or it's very deeply buried.

All your classes sound excruciating to me! I only had to learn some Health and Safety regulations and they sent me to Zzzz. :)

Heh. I probably don't have a slash bone either. I never really got the appeal of two pretty men kissing one another.

To a certain extent, all of my classes are excruciating this semester, but that may be a product of my being totally burnt out on school.

I've seen men kissing, I've seen gay porn, it doesn't bother me at all, but it just doesn't arouse me much.

But when you finish, it'll feel like something is missing. I still haven't got over the lack of homework looming!

Edited at 2008-01-16 09:19 pm (UTC)

I'm expecting to be thoroughly discombobulated by not having homework anymore, but I think it will be a nice change. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up taking a language class or something like that next year.

Yes...but I've always wanted to learn Hebrew...

I had enough trouble with French.

Well...I did watch it for about 20 minutes, or however long it was before I could switch over to Trinny & Susannah Undress...and only because you reminded me that it was on.

It's Spike in a new jacket. Same swagger, same attitude, same violent tendencies. But a Spike that has traded the punk look for that of the New Romantics.

I don't want a cheap knock off, I want the real thing or nothing.

Does it count if you're watching Torchwood but only to point and laugh about how abominable it is?

Maybe. I was considering this as a place of sanctuary to hide under a blanket together and hope it goes away soon.

See, it's the only flippin' show with Who made 'here'. Have to watch it for patriotic reasons. Ducks, scuttles off.

You really are a trooper.

As it turned out, there was a very good shot of the Assembly building showing the words, plus a good aerial shot of Cardiff Bay.

And they were the best bits? ;D

well that's debatable (I enjoyed the whole thing - romp) but I did notice the aforesaid bits, as oo, look you can see the words! sad, huh;)?

I do that all the time with bits of Watford.

I remember, you posted recently about it. Autograph? and french?

(pricks up ears) Ooh! Which dodgy French horror film?

Our cable doesn't get the BBC America feed, so by default I cannot partake of the Torchwood squee. Although I'm hardly up in arms about it, since the one episode I saw of it while in the UK was of such total lameness (the Season 1 finale, I later realized - yeesh, that was bad).

Demoniacs. I seem to have a lot of dodgy 70's euro horror. It's not for the nudity, honest.

I seem to have abandoned my early Sci Fi thing and swapped it for horror (dark fantasy really).

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