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(no subject)

Thought I'd better post before people forget who I am (I'm feeling that might be a distinct possibility).

Not that I have anything to say, but I shall make a bulleted list anyway:

  • Christmas was quiet, except for laying a new wooden floor in my flat;

  • (Excuse the junk)

  • I care less than zero about that Dr Who spin-off, in fact I was far more excited about the return of the dinosaur chasing drama Primeval today, which says a lot;

  • I have a new computer (built out of the remains of the old one). It's all black and slinky and has blue lights and gull wing kind of doors. The new speakers are awesome and I finally have a flat screen monitor;

  • Muse is still AWOL, but I have made some progress with the WIP (hurrah!).

  • Er... that's it.


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OMG wooden floor! ::is very jealous::

And what junk? You should see this place!

Sorry you're not interested in TW, but I guess the Winchesters will keep you happy? Anyway, it's nice to 'see' you! :)

Also - congrats on the writing. *applauds*

It's only a wood laminate, but it's a million times better than the old stained carpet I had before.

You should see the bedroom, I can barely move in it! But this is mainly junk that's been displaced by the decorating, so it should be tidier.

The Winchesters might keep me happy if it wasn't for the writer's strike. :(

I've finally remembered my plot again!

I often think wooden flooring must be colder and noisier than carpet - but it does look so good. And is probably easier to keep clean. Hmm - maybe I could take to it after all....

My jury's still out on the cold thing, but it's not really noisier unless you're wearing clumpy boots or heels, which I don't. The units shale a bit as you walk past though.

What junk? And the floor looks lovely, what kind of wood is that?

The attractive cleaning materials and glue! I think it's a kind of oak.

We have distinctly similar floors upstairs, light oak, I couldn't recall the colour I'd chosen at all - they could have laid anything 18 months on, still very pleased - so much cleaner.

Primeval, thought, huh? when you mentioned it earlier, then saw a trailer and thought, oh yeah, watched that. I suck at remembering any titles.

I would have liked a really dark floor, but it wouldn't have suited the place. Maybe when I get my country cottage.

Primeval is a bit crap, but it entertains me for an hour and I want to know what happens now!

Hobbitbro has wooden floors throughout because of the kids and spillage issues. I like the look of it, but it was a nightmare when we had hobbitbeagle - the tippy tappy noise of her nails as she walked up and down drove me mad! Yours looks very nice though.

I'm quite looking forward to Torchwood, but all the squeeing about the stupid kiss is getting on my nerves a bit. I taped primeval tonight because hobbitmum was round (she hates it), and haven't watched it yet.

Maybe I shouldn't get a cat then.

Torchwood never appealed to me became I can't stand Captain Jack and to be honest, I'm not that attracted to JM. Plus I'm stubborn, the more people squee, the less I am inclined to care (thus my deep aversion to Firefly)!

I made my mum watch Primeval. It was my revenge for all the rubbish she makes me watch when I'm here.

It's you!! (I was almost at the stage of hassling you one someone else's journal, damn the irrelevance to the main thread.)

The floor looks spiffy, and very nicely laid. Judging from the work surface it looks like you're taking good care of it!

Shame about the muse - I'm a bit worried yours might be moonlighting in my head, since pretty much the only thing I've written recently had Illyria in one of the main roles. You haven't ended up with mine, have you? No sudden urge to write something obscurely depressing that makes little sense? I haven't seen her in a while...

It is me! I just don't feel I have much to post about (and there's some personal stuff going on I don't want to discuss online too).

I told my dad about the nicely laid part and he laughed. I'm not sure about the taking good care of it part, the pic was taken about an hour after we laid it!

I don't think I have your muse, as I don't seem to have any at all. It is all work's fault.


I certainly haven't forgotten you. In fact, I'm relying on you to make the occasional dour comment to bring people back to reality (am still going to squee, though).

Also, I watched Primeval too, because there was nothing else on, but it rather detracts from the whole suspension of disbelief when you recognise where the episode's been shot. That was the Bentalls Centre and John Lewis in Kingston on Thames.

Something similar happened to me a long time ago watching the Sylvester Stallone/Rutger Hauer movie Nighthawks, in which Rutger Hauer, as a terrorist, blew up a department store in London. In actual fact, it was Arding and Hobbs (as it then was) in Clapham and once I realised that I couldn't take it seriously any more.

Hmm, seem to have run on a bit there. Sorry. Your floor looks lovely.

Edited at 2008-01-12 09:44 pm (UTC)

I had been trying to keep the comments to a minimum as to let people have their fun, but if you want me to add my sarcasm, I shall try to step it up.

We have so much filming round here (we have Elstree, Leavesden and Pinewood not far away) I'm always seeing places I know (especially Watford). I suppose I'm used to it!

Very nice floor - we have laminate downstairs and it's a dream to keep clean apart from the cat fur - but at least that just piles up in the corners *g*.

I've recorded Primeval (wish they used the English spelling!!), and will enjoy that tomorrow (I love the slightly crap CGI!!).

I've managed to get juice all over it already - that would defintately have ruined a carpet!

>>I've recorded Primeval (wish they used the English spelling!!)

Same here! That did peeve me. I can overlook the CG, after all it's better than the old Clash of the Titans stop motion and I could live with that.

You have been missed. I really like the floor.

Snark if you want, but despite the generally crap writing of YW I intend to enjoy my squee at least till I've seen the episode.

I've been about, just not posting.

>>I intend to enjoy my squee at least till I've seen the episode

That actually quite sad that you're expecting to be let down.

Hi Bogwitch. Your floors turned out nicely.

I'm having trouble getting my squee up for Torchwood too. I think this is because my attraction to Spike is to SPIKE and not to JM. Or something.

Still got the bedroom to do (which is a daunting task with the amount of stuff in there!)

JM has never done much for me, but Spike blew me away.

I love your floors! Nice place! I would never forget you. Good luck with the cool new computer -- wing doors???? wow!

Thank you! It's nice to hear someone still remembers me.

The doors are like this: http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews/CoolerMaster-Mystique%20632%20PC%20Case/

I have a blue light not an orange one though.

I can't remember when my house was that clean! I love the floor. Wood just makes a room seem homey!

Primeval has started! I'll have to see if I can find the episodes online. I'm going to the Walking with Dinosaurs-the Live Experience on Wednesday, so my dinosaur obsession is quite active at the moment.

Where do you keep all your model horses?

It's only clean because it has had time to get dirty yet and you can't see the dust on the units.

There were raptors on Primeval.

>>Where do you keep all your model horses?

Don't start me off! I keep most of them in the cabinet on the left in that pic, you can just see the leg of my Quarter horse stallion.

Here's the awful truth:


This is Glory wearing a set of tack I made (GP English saddle and bitless bridle). The only bits I didn't make are the bit and the stirrups:


You're not really forgetable, though some of us tend to get lost in our own lives...The new floors look good.

That's good to hear! Thanks.

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