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Sainsbury's had to go and let the side down.

I had been so fortunate this year!

I'd done all my Christmas shopping and gone around the whole of St Albans without hearing that awful selection of Christmas songs they seem to play in EVERY shop (you know the one with Slade, the John bloody Lennon one and 'Stop the Cavalry' on a perpetual loop. I was tortured with it when I worked in a supermarket and all the songs (with the exception of Fairytale of New York) now make me want to scream) , only to get blasted with them in bloody Sainsbury's!

Make them go away.*

In other news, my computer had practically been entirely replaced! Watching it open 250 screencaps in Paint Shop Pro without falling over is quite squeesome.

*I realise I'm using the Bloody Carols icon, but really carols would be very welcome right now.

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