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Sainsbury's had to go and let the side down.

I had been so fortunate this year!

I'd done all my Christmas shopping and gone around the whole of St Albans without hearing that awful selection of Christmas songs they seem to play in EVERY shop (you know the one with Slade, the John bloody Lennon one and 'Stop the Cavalry' on a perpetual loop. I was tortured with it when I worked in a supermarket and all the songs (with the exception of Fairytale of New York) now make me want to scream) , only to get blasted with them in bloody Sainsbury's!

Make them go away.*

In other news, my computer had practically been entirely replaced! Watching it open 250 screencaps in Paint Shop Pro without falling over is quite squeesome.

*I realise I'm using the Bloody Carols icon, but really carols would be very welcome right now.


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But think of the poor shop assistants! It's a wonder they're not driven insane by the time Christmas Day comes around, listening to that all day.

Been there. Suffered it. I hear their pain.

actually, not this particular post

Hi, this is Betta, I wanted to wish you a great holiday period and happy new year; thank you for keeping so well the Spike fanfiction site, the under-the-cut rule makes it not embarrassing and each reader can sort whatever they want to see or not and I'm grateful for that. I wrote you when you posted the beautifully tragic Inertia on Seasonal, but I went anonymous because I can't understand the first thing about Live Journal...plus now you've got this other journal I'm even more confused. Too many things to keep up with and I'm not that clever, or tecnical. Anyway, I could not find a regular e-mail address for you anymore, that's why I intruded in here for greetings.

Re: actually, not this particular post

Sorry about the email address, I had to take it off my profile page because people were using it to spam me on Yahoo Messenger. But it's still the same: bogwitch@yahoo.co.uk and it's on my proper website Dark Penumbra if you ever need to look it up.

This journal is my main home on the web - almost everything I do goes through here first, then I may post it to a community like Spike Fics after that.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too and that 2008 is good to you!

Edited at 2007-12-22 11:49 pm (UTC)

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