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Okay, as everyone else is doing it...

1. When was the last time you ate a pasty?

Dunno. I can’t actually remember ever eating one, but I must have.

2. Did the Moomins freak you out as a kid?

No, I never watched them. Wish I had though.

3. Got any A-Levels?

English, Geography and History. None of them with spectacular grades.

4. What's your favourite pub?

A nice country one with a roaring fire and horse brasses. There has to be horse brasses in order to qualify.

I like the Red Lion in Avebury a lot, but mostly for the food. I always make a stop on my eay to Glastonbury. Favourite local would be… I dunno. Maybe The Clarendon Arms in Chandler’s Cross, I’ve spent a lot of time in there, but not recently, or The Beehive in St Albans.

5. What's your favourite pub grub?

Scampi or Steak as that’s what I normally end up with. I’d like to see a bit of variety on the menu.

6. How about curry, do you like it and what's your fave?

Yes! Chicken Passanda with Peshwari rice and a popadom.

7. Which national saints days do you celebrate?

I glace at the calendar on St George’s Day and then get back to work.

8. It's Christmas day. Morecambe and Wise or the Queen's Speech?

Neither, it’s usually Wallace and Gromit.

9. You are having a dinner guest over. You find out it's a SUN journalist, what do you do?

Treat them like anyone else, unless they piss me off somehow.

10. What did you get up to last Guy Fawkes night?

I looked out the window at the pretty stars.

I don’t do tea without sugar, so I avoid it and The Archers theme is my cue to turn off the radio asap.

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How very British of you. That should confuse the hell out of everyone...yoink

Ooh yes - Wallace and Gromit would be much better than M&W or her Maj. - every time.

Yeah, but after the first 50 thousand times...

Even when you know the scripts by heart there is something so Christmassy about the little mice with the sunglasses or the wonderful sequence of Gromit laying railway track ahead of him. And don't forget
The Snowman

I don't think I've ever managed to get through the whole of The Snowman.

You didn't have rugrats for whom missing it would be sacrilege!

These quizzes make me want a curry.


I always want a curry. I just don't allow it!

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