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Wallpaper and Icons and Waffle

This is so getting me a telling off from quinara, but I'm posting my Supernatural heresy anyway!

Here, for all those interested, I have a Dean wallpaper for you. I'm still working on the Sam one, his flipping hair is doing me in.

Sorry, my Quotations Dictionary I couldn't think of any better wording.

If people want me to make wallpapers in other sizes, let me know. Does anyone still even use a screen resolution of 800x600 any more? Have we all gone widescreen over the years I've doing these? (except me - my CRT seems to want to live forever and I can't justify replacing something perfectly good with a flat widescreen just because they're a bit sexy).

Plus! Icon dump! Time to clear out the stuff hanging around on my hard drive. Most of them are ones I made for lateseasonlove but forgot to post. I never posted them here but some have been on my website.

C+C and all that

Resource makers are listed here.


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::icon love::

(And now I'm going to be thinking about 'the crunch' all night! *g*)

ETA: Meant to say that I like the Buffy-ones too!

Edited at 2007-11-20 09:10 pm (UTC)

Hee. I've wanted a Saboo icon for ages, but the first one I made from Nanageddon was crap (too dark), imagine my delight at his resurrection! Shame he'll never be lured away from Tony Harrison. :(

They look good :) I'll try to snag later because I get a problem with them = they are .bmp for me even if I cleared my temporally files, even with the direct link.
Ah now they are gone completely. = the page cannot be found. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
I think they'll be okay later. *hopes* They looked good before they vanished so I'll definitely snagging later :-D

How strange. I can still see them though!

No, still gone for me. I'll try tomorrow. You don't have a hotlinking protection on it? That causes my computer problems to show them normal for me. I'll just test tomorrow I guess. The direct link (from the pic) still gives me a HTTP 404 "File not found". It's maybe my computer.

Hotlinking protection? No, I'm not that clever. They are all on my website though: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bogwitch/ljico.html

If you can't see them there, then I donno.

Thanks a lot for the help! I was busy snagging from your website. Now the pics (icons) here at LJ are back so I checked that I got everything (but still bitmaps for me, weird. *kicks her computer*

*shakes head with a sniff of sad knowledge of what will come*

In other news, pretty!! I like Sheepish and Seduction, though Aflame and Why are cool... and I Am Your Calling makes me giggle for some reason.

To be fair, the wallpaper is also pretty. That subtle reaper thing is most definitely 'ooh' worthy...

That's the kind odd thing lying around on my hard drive.

It's like a skeleton in a cupboard... but not.

You'd be amazed at the rubbish I collect.

To be fair, I'm not really feeling the creative urge in that direction, I just wanted to improve the wallpaper on my laptop!

I thought I'd soften the sting a bit for you with some Spike.

That is, to repeat myself, what they all say. ;P

The sting was nicely softened - I think it was a well-played move on your part.

You should take into account that it took me two years to think I could possibly maybe write Spike.

Well, dammit, I'm going to have to keep bugging you until you give up trying new people...

MMM, your Dean is SO pretty. I love the colors and the feel. I also find it charming that Sam's hair is giving you trouble.

The sex + death one is my favorite of your icons.

Keep making the internet shiny!

It's hard to make Dean anything else! Anyone with wispy hair is always a nightmare to cut out. I've re-done him twice now and I'm still not happy enough.

I like the sex and death one too!

Beautiful wallpaper, icons have done another bunk...

Really? They're showing for me and there is nothing wrong with my website (where they're hosted) either.

and now they're showing...interesting mixture, like the kiss

Bizarre, must be an LJ thing.

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