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Only a matter of time, I suppose...

Found out today that I'm the victim of credit card fraud, on not one but two cards.

Not too bothered as it all being sorted and I don't have to pay, but image in my head of a chav spending £60 in the florist amuses me no end.


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Bit of a bugger. Still, as longas it is getting sorted. Have a flower...

Thanks, it's very pretty. It's a tad inconvenient being without cash for a few days, but other than that it's fine.

That really sucks. At least it was flowers and not porn or something really squicky.

Depends on what they bought with their (mine!) itunes voucher.

The wost bit for me is being stuck without my debit card for a few days - I can't buy any more food!

Ugh. It's disheartening, though. (((((hugs))))) I had it happen a few months ago. The person tried to order thousands at hershey.com LOL

At least that's fairly cool (even if I don't like hersheys), all they got was some phone vouchers, some shirts and some flowers.

I'm not upset at all really.

OMG not another person. It's happened to two people on my flist (not including you) and me!! Grrrrrr. It's unbelievable!

In fact it was out there being sorted without my knowledge, as the banks didn't get round to telling me!

Glad it got sorted out quick, but WTF, £60 on flowers?

It must have been a sizable bunch,

Mybe they're eating them...?

The flowers. It made sense to me at the time... *shrugs*

That happened to us once. Whoever it was spent loads of money in shoe shops.

Hope they got some wicked trainers. If they're going to scam you, it should be for something cool, I think.

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