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lateseasonlove October Icons

Finally started to get back into the icon -making groove. Hopefully the writing one will back at some point. I've got myself into a bit of a dilemma with seasonal_spuffy' do I a) quickly knock one of my emergency half-written fics into shape, b) post the three existing chapters of the Black Widow sequel as a WIP and hope I don't write myself into a hole or neglect to finish it, or c) panic?

Also I my website has run out of space. I have no idea what I'm going have to delete. Eek!

So iconses...

Resource makers are listed here.



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Very pretty. I love your colouring.

I have collected a lot of nice textures, which helps a big deal.

sorry about your dilemma...been there and done that so I empathize hugely. however...love your new icons, and am snagging the Dawn - for one of my endless WIPs:)...

Endless WIP's is what I want to avoid!

Posting a WIP would take the pressure off me and I think I need that, but I'd also feel tremendously guilty, especially if anyone friended me to follow it.

Lovely! Taking Spike, will credit.

Snagged the Spike one :)
Sorry to hear you ran out of space had having to delete things (*shudder*)
Maybe getting an additional Photobucket account when you can't decide what to delete.


Well, I wouldn't be deleting things forever, but I want everything in one handy place. That's the whole point of having a website!

Personally I'd go for the panic option...

Good, because that's what I'm doing!

Ooh... pretty colouring! I really like the Buffy one, and the Spike one - pale people!!

(And I've just noticed your default is no longer BtVS...)

No one seems to like the Anya one. That's my favourite.

(You might be on to something...)

I like the text - I'm just more of a high-contrast facial features person. I don't dislike it by any means of the word!

(Don't leave, Boggy, don't leeeaaave!!)

Not leaving! Just receiving input from elsewhere as well!

Take heart that it's a generic one rather than a Dean Winchester one.

Well, which one's showing in your profile box?

That's only because I haven't used the default!

But that's the one everybody sees! *whinge*

Lovely colouring on these. Am snagging the Spike one (because he is the prettiest!)

When I saw your post I took the opportunity to re-read Black Widow. Not sure if I left feedback at the time, but I really enjoyed the story. An edgy way to portray Buffy, and I think there is a lot of potential there for a sequel.

Thank you. And thank you again!

I don't think of what I'm (trying to) write as a sequel as such. There are enough loose ends to consider it a true part two. If I could just get my brain in gear and focus on writing it, then I know it'll be great!

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