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Just musing...

That yearly question is on us again, what calendar should I get?

Poll #1056250 What calendar should Bogwitch get?

What calendar should Bogwitch get?

Emily Strange to match her handbag
Life on Mars
Zombie Survival Guide (Don't know if this is any good, but it sounds it!)
Whatever Bog-Mum buys for Xmas
Other (let me know!)


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Knowing how to survive zombies is never not going to be useful!

That was my thinking, but I've only seen it on Amazon, so how will I know if the tips are truly useful?

Is it Shaun of the Dead merch or something else? Because there was a video on YouTube with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, which had reasonably useful information.

Well, people seem to like the book!

The pretty that is John Simm is not to be sneezed at. Though I shall probably buy the Buffy calendar because there will be a picture of Spike. Yes, I am that shallow.

You see, while I adored Life on Mars and thought John Simm was wonderful in it, he just doesn't attract me all that much (it might be the thinning hair or the disconcerting resemblance to Thom Yorke). Besides, my mum likes him and I can't go there!!! (even though he's only a bit older than me).

Unless the Buffy calendar can give me a pic of Spike I haven't seen every month, it's out. I didn't have these sort of dilemmas when there were Spike calendars!

I bought myself an origami calendar. The back of each page has a pretty design, and the calendar portion has instructions for

I bought myself an origami calendar. The back of each page has a pretty design and the front shows easy to follow pictures (heh--they look easy anyway).

I figured this way, I could turn those useless left-over calendar pages into useless folded paper that is supposed to resemble something, and when I need to do something creative and relaxing, I can fold origami critters instead.

Sorry. The screen blipped and I thought it ate my reply, so I started over. Now I can see it just added an enormous bit of space. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the margarita I had with dinner.

I'm trying to think of a smart one liner. The best I can do is a lame gag about 'time is pressing'. Sorry.

Hmm. Well, I'm not origasmic about that, but I couldn't come up with much better.

"My joke bombed," she said explosively.

Do they still make a Spike calendar? That would get my vote hands down.

But also you know matching is important ;P

It would get my vote too, but alas I don't think they do.

I'm leaning towards getting all three...

I want the Zombie Survival Guide calendar! I didn't even know they had one.

Indeed it is, but will it help against zombie attack? My survival might depend on it!

erm, they are quite sturdy calendars...roll it up and hit zombie on the head, hope sharp edge of paper would decapiate zombie

The pain would slow them up at least.

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