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Drabble: Tight (Spike/Angel)

writerconuk was excellent, if terrifying due to my public speaking debut. I'm feeling too lazy to say much else except the the company was wonderful and it was so nice to meet everyone and natter about writing without boring everyone to death (or maybe I did, but everyone was just too polite to tell me to shut up).

Anyway, much relieved it's over so I can worry about other stuff.

speakr2customrs made us all write a drabble to a prompt during his drabble writing workshop. The prompt was... Nah, I'll tell you later. However, I didn't really stick to it:

Tight by Bogwitch
(Spike/Angel, AtS season Five)

“Ugh.” Angel twisted his face as he grunted, his expression contorting with strain. The tightness of the hole was going to kill him.

“Don’t stop,” Spike hissed, gasping from his own exertions. “I need you to keep going!”

“I don’t think I can…”

“I’m getting there,” Spike panted. “Just need you to wiggle it a bit.”

Gritting his teeth, Angel twisted and blessed relief came with a pop! He slipped out. “Ah, that feels so much better.”

“Good,” Spike growled with irritation and handed the crowbar to Wesley. “Next time you can free your own bloody head from those railings.”

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