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Drabble: Tight (Spike/Angel)

writerconuk was excellent, if terrifying due to my public speaking debut. I'm feeling too lazy to say much else except the the company was wonderful and it was so nice to meet everyone and natter about writing without boring everyone to death (or maybe I did, but everyone was just too polite to tell me to shut up).

Anyway, much relieved it's over so I can worry about other stuff.

speakr2customrs made us all write a drabble to a prompt during his drabble writing workshop. The prompt was... Nah, I'll tell you later. However, I didn't really stick to it:

Tight by Bogwitch
(Spike/Angel, AtS season Five)

“Ugh.” Angel twisted his face as he grunted, his expression contorting with strain. The tightness of the hole was going to kill him.

“Don’t stop,” Spike hissed, gasping from his own exertions. “I need you to keep going!”

“I don’t think I can…”

“I’m getting there,” Spike panted. “Just need you to wiggle it a bit.”

Gritting his teeth, Angel twisted and blessed relief came with a pop! He slipped out. “Ah, that feels so much better.”

“Good,” Spike growled with irritation and handed the crowbar to Wesley. “Next time you can free your own bloody head from those railings.”


Hahaha! This is hilarious! I love it!

First of all, I saw your photo online and you're a redhead. Is that natural or "cough" enhanced like Your Truly.
And secondly, all these drabbles clearly have the speakr2customrs touch of wackiness in them - in other words, they're hilarious.

Thanks! It was meant to have Angelus appearing after a moment of happiness, but it appears he doesn't appear on my creative radar.

I've tried very hard to be anonymous online, but it didn't work. I am a redhead at the moment, but only a bottle one. I've been known to have black hair too.

Hee! HEE! That's perfect. :) It feels like a drabble that's been begging to be written.

It wasn't begging me very hard, it's taken two days!

Ha, ha! That was awesome.

I enjoyed your icon tutorial, too. Very helpful, especially the information about png vs. jpg files.


It's nice to know that I've managed to pass on some small snippet of knowledge!

That's great - punchline exactly where it's needed and a very funny idea.

You were clearly nervous doing your thing but you did really well and it was both interesting and inspiring, to the extent that the brief rest I planned turned into making my own screencap and using your instructions to icon it. I really felt I learned from you.

I think it went really well, don't you? I certainly had a great time.

I have to confess I have tweaked it a bit today to make it a little more original, but the basis of what I wrote in the workshop still stands.

I tend to babble and dry up in the throat when I speak in public, not that I've ever done anything quite like that, my mouth goes faster than my brain!

I was expecting some problem to turn up at some point, but there wasn't one.

*smirks* wonderful drabble, some of us didn't get around to finishing our own drabbles. But, lookit I made my very firstt icon, because of your workshop. It was great to meet you.

I'd be lying very much if I said it was finished in the time!

Is that the icon you made? I love the use of the font!


I love it!

I'm playing a bit with my reputation!


I hope you can manage to come if we manage to organise another meet up next year.


Good to know you're staying true to form and not getting any Angel sympathies! I read the pairing and got a little worried...

I didn't want to give anything away!


What a perfect drabble. You're evil in the good way.

Glad you survived the public speaking!

So am I!

I'm such a tease.

Hee! You tease, you!

That was great. Terrific punchline.

I said it would be a bit of a surprise!

I LOVE your drabble....am laughing myself silly (okay, was silly already). Just read it to my husband and he is laughing too.


Good to hear! Glad you enjoyed it, it wasn't my easiest drabble to write (and still didn't follow the prompt).

Bwahahahha. Very clever.


that is hilarious!!!

Thanks. I like a good twist...