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Hello and welcome to a new me!

I'm all examined now and can finally return my mind to reading Life on Mars fic the many businesses I still have in hand.

My brain is fried but at least I don't have to remember the in and outs of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 anymore (if I need it I can look it up)! Hopefully, there won't be any resits...


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Hee - I teach about the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 if you ever need any info *g*


(Maybe if I can stand the thought of the Diploma)

Woot! Congrats on being done!

So you now a Health & Safety Executive all on your own?

Um no, I'll just be 'a competent person', ha!

You clever girl, very well done!

Thanks, but I have no idea if I passed it yet!

When will you know if you're competent or not? Might be better this way--you can bend the elbow to still your nerves while waiting, then once you know you can celebrate for a week or two.

I find out in October, but I'm fairly confident.

I will reply to your email very soon, I just got a bit overwhelmed. I had to get this crap out of my head before I thought about writing again.

I knew you were busy, so I wasn't really expecting to hear from you for a while. I don't think there was anything that needed a specific response so I'll be content to wait until you've written some more. Hopefully, you'll get the chance to do that.

Stupid jobs--earning a living takes all the fun out of it! (not really, of course).

Congrats! More time for fic is always that much more sweeter for having been away from it :)

As if, I still have a busy job which sucks up a lot of my planning time!


It's a bit rubbish that I feel like I've missed the entirety of this saga, but dammit I'm still going to congratuatle you. :D

I'm feeling all congratuatled now.

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