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Sunset Picspam

Last night there was a fabulous sunset. I was at my parents and I managed to get a few nice piccies:

Those trees in the middle line the enclosure of the Maiden Bower Hillfort. It's a scheduled monument, you know.

Obligatory arty shot.

Close up. Note the sun pillar left of middle.


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Lovely! I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets like this one.

My parents are lucky that they look right out over the sunsets, whereas I can't see either. :(

Those are lovely - and your own hill fort - now that's impressive!

I've never been over there. I really should one day.

oooOOOoooh! These are lovely hun! Especially the artty one hee!

I always have to do an arty one. If only to outdo my dad.

Gorgeous. Your parents have a fabulous view.

They do and it stretches for miles as they are on an escarpment.

Oh gorgeous. We had a good sunset last night but it was nowhere near as beautiful as that. Thanks for sharing.

Setting does help. I just the view blocked by council houses myself.

Lovely! I particularly like the shot between the tall grasses.

They were hard to avoid, I had to hold them away a lot of the time.

That is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it.

No problem, I needed to give my new camera a spin.

Gorgeous pics! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you! It was a very pretty evening.

What gorgeous sunsets. I'd be outside every night to admire if we had such lovely ones here!

So would I, shame my normal view is blocked by council housing and hills. My parents get lovely views.

Beautiful pics , especially the last one.

Thanks, a nice sunset tops a day nicely.

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