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lateseasonlove July Icons

I survived last night - just about!

Feeling a bit over-committed at the moment. writerconuk is taking up a good bit of my time with art stuff, so is the revision for my NEBOSH GC (Health and Safety) exams, chapters of the WIP, my writerconuk Banner challenge story, my seasonal_spuffy story etc, etc.

So, of course, I've been avoiding the lot by finally watching Life on Mars and making icons:

C+C and all that

Resource makers are listed here.



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oooooooooooh wow the pretties! you make loovely icons hun, all colourful n stuff. :D

Thanks. I thought too many people were making icons that were washed out and beige.

Very pretty. I like the "Flesh" and "gutted" ones especially.

Hee. Everyone goes for the Spike!

I like the Dawn and Willow ones - as well as FLESH.

I think I like the Dawn one best myself.

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