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Big Jobs! (I just wanted to say it)

NTL have finally contacted me about my email password, a week after asking for it, to say they are sending it in the post. Strange.

Anyways, new job!

Well, um. Actually haven't started it yet. I've got two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) of intensive training to go before I get onto the job itself. And a according to someone who is doing the job now, the most difficult bit is opening the post! I can't think for the life me what they're going to teach us in that time.

This is not really a problem (although it sounds a bit dull), as I'm just pleased to be out of the other office, which everyone thinks is closing, and away from my old job which was driving me mad.

The worst bit of it all is that I'm stuck on the course with a really negative drama queen, about whom I'm having murderous thoughts already. (Die! Linda La Hughes look-and-act-alike, Die!)


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