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Moonlit Wallpaper

I'm suffering from an ear infection at the moment and my head is numb down one side, but it didn't stop me making a banner for the latest writerconuk challenge. Artists design banners and set prompts and the writers spin the prompts into yarns. Get over there and join in, you're all welcome!

Anyway, I made my banner into a wallpaper:

P.S. Thanks to the person who nominated me at Love's Last Glimpse!

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I hope you feel better soon, sweetie! ::gentle hugs::

And I love the wallpaper. :)

Thanks for the gentle hug!

That is exceeding pretty!

It has Spike on it, so it had a pretty good head start!

Sorry about the ear. Obviously not interfering with the Spikeness. Sterling job.

The worst part is that it kept me up all right. The ear, not the Spikeness alas.

This is absolutely beautiful. Wish i was coming to the mini meet. Stupid birthday. And at the moment even more stupid family who can’t tell me for certain that they’re coming for lunch. I still might get there!

Thank you. We wish you were coming too.

Wow, that's just gorgeous.

Hope you feel better soon!


No sign of getting better yet. :(

oooooer very pretty hun, i love the colours :D

Rich and beautiful.

Ear! Get better soon.

That's crap about the ear. :(

I commented over at writerconuk, but I just noticed - he has blue lips! They're amazing!

Perhaps he's been taken over by Illyria or it's just a bit nippy out.

There's a titanic battle going on in my head with the antibiotics v the infection. Ibuprofen has pitched in on the side of the antibiotics, but it could still go either way.

I'm confused - like that's new - but the banners are for fic? Say for instance one fancies a tidgy drabble off said banner, what next? Sorry to mither, should I go look at writercon? Probably being lazy...

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