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Bogwitch @ Greatest Journal

Loathe as I am to turn into a headless chicken, a heads up for my presence on GJ. Who still loves me, eh?

I am sitting on the fence in this latest storm. I've been following the posts and I have to say there are cases for and against everyone's arguement. All three sides have made some questionable choices and all three have reasonable points to make.

However, I can't say any of this has come as a suprise to me. Anyone who has ever thought that some of my moderating at spike_fics was strict, be aware that it was exactly this sort of thing I was trying to protect you and the community from.


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The I'm on LJ in the first place, was that everybody was here. I was little more than a silent watcher in my BAPS/Tabula Rasa/Cross and Stake days.

I pretty much came for the fanfic and stayed to bug people with irritating comments. I keep meaning to set a site up for my fic, and once I've done that I think my 'journal' might become an even bigger farce than it already is. Ah well, the bugging people does have its perks!

I meant to say, actually, I was perusing the spike_fics user info... it was the first time I've encountered 'spred' as one of those contractions. Considering how much I dislike her it made me laugh.

Bug me any time.

>>it was the first time I've encountered 'spred' as one of those contractions.

You don't get out much then! I have to say I hate the contractions.

I don't why I bother with those rules sometimes, no one takes any notice.

I intend to. (Case in point. ;) )

Considering how much I try to avoid all things Fred, it's possible I just blanked it out of my memory - I'll probably make the same comment in about three months time...

I don't mind the contractions, if only because they're nicely mockable. You can get some real scorn behind 'Spred' that 'Spike/Fred' just doesn't have. I'm all about the scorn.

At least with the rules you can delete stuff and say 'it's all in the rules, didn't you read them?' - no one's going to come at you with the pitchforks!

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