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Greatest Journal

Bogwitch @ Greatest Journal

Loathe as I am to turn into a headless chicken, a heads up for my presence on GJ. Who still loves me, eh?

I am sitting on the fence in this latest storm. I've been following the posts and I have to say there are cases for and against everyone's arguement. All three sides have made some questionable choices and all three have reasonable points to make.

However, I can't say any of this has come as a suprise to me. Anyone who has ever thought that some of my moderating at spike_fics was strict, be aware that it was exactly this sort of thing I was trying to protect you and the community from.


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I can easily see a situation arising where a national news media - especially some of our newspapers over here (you have religious nuts, we have tabloid press!) - actually get wind of what goes on in some fic and start a real witchhunt. It's a really volatile subject to be messing with and I think it gets trivialised for entertainment.

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