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Greatest Journal

Bogwitch @ Greatest Journal

Loathe as I am to turn into a headless chicken, a heads up for my presence on GJ. Who still loves me, eh?

I am sitting on the fence in this latest storm. I've been following the posts and I have to say there are cases for and against everyone's arguement. All three sides have made some questionable choices and all three have reasonable points to make.

However, I can't say any of this has come as a suprise to me. Anyone who has ever thought that some of my moderating at spike_fics was strict, be aware that it was exactly this sort of thing I was trying to protect you and the community from.


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See, I've been of a very similar mindset. I've boggled at the people who put that in their lists of interests (and I boggled at the THREE people on Fandom_Wank who asked what incest had to do with child abuse. Seriously, if you're so enmeshed in fannish culture that when you read 'incest,' you only think of Supernatural fanfic or Heroes fanfic or whatever and don't think that incest USUALLY involves an adult family member molesting a child, you need to step away from the computer and reaquaint yourself with the real world. I in no way support censorship, and I think the WfI are scary wackos, but adults in fandom should also exercise a little common sense and listing such things in their "interests" strikes me as something other than common sense.

I can easily see a situation arising where a national news media - especially some of our newspapers over here (you have religious nuts, we have tabloid press!) - actually get wind of what goes on in some fic and start a real witchhunt. It's a really volatile subject to be messing with and I think it gets trivialised for entertainment.

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