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Greatest Journal

Bogwitch @ Greatest Journal

Loathe as I am to turn into a headless chicken, a heads up for my presence on GJ. Who still loves me, eh?

I am sitting on the fence in this latest storm. I've been following the posts and I have to say there are cases for and against everyone's arguement. All three sides have made some questionable choices and all three have reasonable points to make.

However, I can't say any of this has come as a suprise to me. Anyone who has ever thought that some of my moderating at spike_fics was strict, be aware that it was exactly this sort of thing I was trying to protect you and the community from.


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Who still loves me, eh?
I've friended you there. :)

I had an account for some times , I think it was last year during the last LJ storm. Never used it much though .

As you will have noticed, the same here!

I have actually thought that some elements of the HP fandom were flying pretty close to the wind for some time. I literally had to bleach my brain after I stumbled across a Snape/Harry fic set when HP first started at Hogwarts. I mean, please! The child was eleven or twelve...

I haven't ventured into that fandom since.

Exactly, this is the reason I felt I could not stand up and be counted in defence of something I think is of rather questionable taste.

I think some people have rather lost some sense of perspective. Fandom knows its own conventions and how they come about, but outsiders will just lump them in with actual offenders. Putting such hot button words as 'rape' and incest' and the rest into your interests was always going to cause trouble with someone eventually (and just how stupid does someone have to be to actually advertise a real, dubious journal so publicly anyway?).

See, I've been of a very similar mindset. I've boggled at the people who put that in their lists of interests (and I boggled at the THREE people on Fandom_Wank who asked what incest had to do with child abuse. Seriously, if you're so enmeshed in fannish culture that when you read 'incest,' you only think of Supernatural fanfic or Heroes fanfic or whatever and don't think that incest USUALLY involves an adult family member molesting a child, you need to step away from the computer and reaquaint yourself with the real world. I in no way support censorship, and I think the WfI are scary wackos, but adults in fandom should also exercise a little common sense and listing such things in their "interests" strikes me as something other than common sense.

I can easily see a situation arising where a national news media - especially some of our newspapers over here (you have religious nuts, we have tabloid press!) - actually get wind of what goes on in some fic and start a real witchhunt. It's a really volatile subject to be messing with and I think it gets trivialised for entertainment.

I've added you over there! :)

I'll stalk people over there at some point... I bagged my username a while ago and have since done nothing. The thing is, I can't work out whether or not this will actually be the thing that causes a mass migration...

Good modding is the route to success anywhere!

I'm beginning to think it's going to blow over.

It's a bit of a shame really. I always wanted to be part of a revolution.

Me too. But I'm not signing up unless it's something I truly believe in.

As far as ditching LJ for GJ's concerned, I'll probably just go where everyone else goes, if it happens. Anything more active than that (or, gasp, off the internet) I'm completely with you. That would be, well, rubbish.

The I'm on LJ in the first place, was that everybody was here. I was little more than a silent watcher in my BAPS/Tabula Rasa/Cross and Stake days.

I pretty much came for the fanfic and stayed to bug people with irritating comments. I keep meaning to set a site up for my fic, and once I've done that I think my 'journal' might become an even bigger farce than it already is. Ah well, the bugging people does have its perks!

I meant to say, actually, I was perusing the spike_fics user info... it was the first time I've encountered 'spred' as one of those contractions. Considering how much I dislike her it made me laugh.

Bug me any time.

>>it was the first time I've encountered 'spred' as one of those contractions.

You don't get out much then! I have to say I hate the contractions.

I don't why I bother with those rules sometimes, no one takes any notice.

I intend to. (Case in point. ;) )

Considering how much I try to avoid all things Fred, it's possible I just blanked it out of my memory - I'll probably make the same comment in about three months time...

I don't mind the contractions, if only because they're nicely mockable. You can get some real scorn behind 'Spred' that 'Spike/Fred' just doesn't have. I'm all about the scorn.

At least with the rules you can delete stuff and say 'it's all in the rules, didn't you read them?' - no one's going to come at you with the pitchforks!

I'm going nowhere! I just don't want to be deserted!

I'm friending you over GJ.

added you over there. I opened the account last year and yesterday was the first time I actually did anything with it. (which wasn't really much)

I'm thinking I should make more effort (if only to de-uglyify it).

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