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My name is Bogwitch and I am an Ebay addict.


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You can't just leave it at that - what have you bought? Spill the legumes!

Well, I thought I would replace some of the old videos, records etc that were cluttering the place, but I've got a bit carried away...

So... X Files seasons 1 and 2, Twelve Monkeys, some Nirvana, the Satanic Rites of Dracula, some dodgy Italian soft porn vampire film, a selection of Buffy books, a selection of writing books I'll probably never read (Novelists Boot Camp!), Stargate Director's Cut, some Eddie Izzard, Flatliners...

Plus all the other stuff I haven' won yet. :S

There should be support groups, definitely.

It happens to the best of us.

::considers dusty collection of china teacups and antique postcards::

But...but I thought I was over it! I thought there was nothing left to buy...

Hmm. Looks at the white metal headboard, all the rubber stamps from Malaysia, the lovely wiccan stamp from up north somewhere and the various cds with backing papers on them...

*puts up hand* Me too.

But I have it on good authority I am an excellent ebayer. I have stars and everything.

::perks up::

Wiccan stamp??? Can I get one?

281 and rising.

Excellent. ::rubs hands with glee:: It's people like you that are helping us deal with my late mother-in-law's wool collecting mania. If you'd like to buy some wool I have lots...*g*.

I am remarkably immune to wool.

Oh, me too! I LOVE ebay. I have purchased 30 -40 vintage hats several vintage dresses and 5 vintage wedding gowns not to mention about 10 -12 pieces of glass ware. I am totaly addicted.

There's always one you don't have!

How the hell do you win anything? *iz crap*

1. Buy things no one else wants!
2. Have a good idea of what the item will go for.
3. If you don't mind the hassle pick the sellers that require payment by cheque.
4. If possible try to choose auctions that end at unpopular times but when you are available* (i.e. not Sunday or Bank Holiday evenings).
5. Put a bid on at the minimum price if there are no bids, otherwise only bid within seconds of the auction ending (otherwise you push the price up by prompting the original bidder to respond). Don't get drawn into a bidding war. It raises the price and makes your opponent more determined.
6. Bid high at the very end of the auction.
7. Use an auctionstealer site to swipe auctions at the very end*.

*You can also use these to bid for you when you aren't around.

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