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Wasting time...constructively (sort of)

I painted my first painting in ages yesterday (i.e. since school) and my first ever on a canvas-like board. Thing is, it comes with these plastic bracers you have to break off to assemble and I don't have a clue what to do with them.

Do you think that if I sweep them into the bin, over time the painting will collaspe into itself like a dying star to leave a black hole in the universe my wall?


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those are stretcher keys. if you stick them into all the corners where they sort of fit and push them in tight, they will tighten the canvas on the wooden frame. i don't know anyone that actually uses them. sorry for the random post, but i couldn't help it! haha.

That's okay.

I kind of worked out they did that, but not how they were supposed to fit.

What did you paint the picture of? Curious mind(s) want to know...

Nothing. It's an abstract. Kind of like a black and purple crashing sea.

I think it's very likely. You should never mess with the laws of physics plastic bracers.

I'd better warn the council then.

Quite probably - which, of course, is a good excuse to preserve said painting digitally and picspam the lot of us...

Maybe at the weekend when I have access to a decent scanner. It's not a terribly interesting picture.

I'm sure that's not true.

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