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Drabble: Just Deal (Spike/Buffy)

I'm trying to persaude my muse to come back, as it's been MIA lately. Work is taking up too much space in my mind. :(

Still, I managed to coax out a drabble tonight (even if it's not the greatest thing I've ever written):

Just Deal by Bogwitch
(BtVS, Season Six, during the night in Older And Far Away before everyone wakes for the cartoons. Spike/Buffy)

“Ssh!” Buffy hisses and snatches the cards back. “Just one game, I said.”

“You got somewhere else to be off to?” Spike asks as he attempts to brush the hair away from her cheek.

But she dodges, recoiling sharply. “Stop that! Someone will wake up!”

“And see what? Two people having an innocent game of cards?”

“Nothing about you is innocent, Spike.”

“It’s just a part of my charm.”

“Ugh.” But Buffy’s disgust lacks conviction. Perhaps she can’t quite muster the indignation when she’s letting his hand roam over her thigh.

He leans in and kisses her lightly. “Just deal.”

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A guy has to stake his claim!

True, Buffy should "Just Deal", good

Too bad she never does.

I like the double meaning in the last line! And her indignation undermined by the fact that she's letting him caress her - just right for that stage in S6.

Wandering hands can be hidden, full on snog-fests are a little more obvious!

They can lead to uncomfortable cramps. **nods wisely**

Oh, nice one! Fits the look on her face that we saw in the episode, too, when everyone woke up - somewhere between guilty and disappointed at being interrupted.

Not sure i recall that.

It's when whathisname, Richard, comes walking into the room after they've all been up all night, and Spike starts talking about breakfast. I'd always loved that shot of Spike and Buffy sitting on the floor, with the cards, and she has the oddest look while he's talking. If anything, she seems kind of bummed to me, like she'd been perfectly happy playing cards with him, but then here comes the reminding-her-he's-a-vampire...

I'm obviously distracted by the vampire. :)

That scene is one of my all-time favorites.

It is a rare easy moment between them (until Spike ruins it)

I've been obsessively Spuffy minded lately! Loved the drabble!

Me too, funnily enough.

*goes to a happy Spuffy place*

Seriously, this is perfect - and now I want to rewatch S6...

Sweet. Really fits the episode.

Thanks. It's not an ep that usually inspires me (not that there is anything wrong with it or anything).

As cunning as a cunning thing's cunning cousin.

Love this! Zonks later than everybody else, but this is great! If only Season 6 could've all been like this.

I wouldn't have complained.

Of course, then they'd have had to have thought it through...

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