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::Looks out of the window at the howling rain::

Now that's proper Bank Holiday weather.


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Well it's not raining here (yet) so OK! ;)

*gasp* You mean the weather is actually better oop north than it is dahn sahf?

It's not sunny but it's quite warm and not raining

Yup, it was drizzling then coming down in lashing sheets. It's a bit better now though.

Yup, the lashing rain has reached us here in South London. So good to know that even global warming can't defeat traditional Bank Holiday weather...

Looks like there might be more to come too.

still sunny here
very preplexing
lots of events on today as holiday area, and goodness knows the local economy needs all the help it can get...but my garden needs rain, tomorrow maybe?

You have to start worrying when Wales is dryer than the East of England.

rained a bit, now back to the sunshine, it seems so bizarre to be concerned about this!

If it get bloody hot again in the summer, I'll be very worried.

think poistive, last August was horrible, here anyway

sorry about the dogy spelling, was distracted by the ferret wandering into the conservatory, not a problem, through the open door into the house=big problem

all good now, ferret wandering around garden, cat asleep on chair didn't bat an eyelid, rubbish guard cat

I'm housesitting at the moment, I'm getting used to being molested by my mum's cat.

I think the worse of August was iffy actually, I was very pleased.

It was a bit drizzly this morning, but it's all right now. I think we must've missed the worst of it... Though I did go to the Harlequin, so I might've missed the exciting bit.

There is some more dark clouds zipping over Dunstable, you might still be in luck!

Here in the 'stead it's sunny at the mo.

Ah, the 'stead.

It keeps on attempting a shower and then copping out half way through. It's rubbish.

PS. Sorry for my last comment being the worst-composed piece of drivel ever.

I've read a lot worse. Maybe the Watford air got to you.

We don't get bank holidays, we just get rain and unseasonable cold. Oh, and mud.

We reserve all that for Glastonbury.

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