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Feeling sheepish

I wasn't going to do the Golden Compass quiz (or not reveal the answer anyway) because I've never heard of it, but I got a flipping mouse! I have a mouse!


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nawww cutiepie! i love the name :) Tis a pity you havnt read the books, theyre amazing childrens books, but im not sure theyd be as enjoyable now.

But it's only a C away from Colin!

That's a hare not a mouse, Boggy. -10 marks for small herbivorous mammal identification.

It was a mouse! I swear!

I'd quite like being a Hare.

Mouse? That's a very strange looking mouse. I would call that a hare, not that I have ever noticed them to be humble. Rather the reverse, actually.

Wait! Now you're a fox. What is with all these dessert animals?

totally confused
is that not a dog?

I don't wanna be a dog.

It changes as people add to it.

he's a dog now- when people click on the quiz if they disagree with the self assessment in any way, it chooses a new daemon. The theory of the Golden Compass being, that young daemons are transmutable and can change shape as our emotions and personality changes in the course of growing up and developing as a person...

When you reach adolescence/young adulthood your personality is pretty much set and your daemon remains in one form. They're incredible books, by the way!!!

This was why I posted it, so the mouse can scram!

EVOLUTION!!!!! From mouse to dog on a blog *G*. It is changing as friends agree or not to the answers you gave. So far you see yourself as a mouse and others have "elevated" you to the noble dog.

I got a snow leopard but cannot get it to load to my LJ so a snow leopard it will likely stay.

A mouse is nice, but so is a dog.


I'd rather be a mouse. It seems ocelot is further up the evolutionary scale than a mere dog.

You've got a large handsome dog at the moment!

It would have been worse if keswindhover had got a mouse...well, she already has a mouse, but you know what I mean!

Ohh... I wanted to see the mouse, but now it's just an ocelot like I was. I don't even really know what an ocelot is, but they seem to be freaking common as daemons.

PS. Why the hell did they call it The Golden Compass? It's Northern Lights, dammit! /rant

Ha haa! I made it a hare again. You're cool now. ;)

Hee! You're a bunny now. That's what I started as

One of my friends got a ladybird. LOL

A ladybird would be ace.

Well, it was a mouse again, but now it's some sort of fox thing. :-)

It is not a fox as I know it.

It's a very friendly-looking dog now.

Northern Lights (His Dark Meterials) is wonderful - well worth seeking out.

Oh, it's His Dark Materials is it? Why didn't any say that in the first place?

Well, it's not a mouse anymore...

It's back to the ocelot. Down with ocelots!

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