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(no subject)

I'm off to the land of little internet again! We'll see if I see you all again soon! (there's always pubs with WiFi...)

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Is the whole of your area down or just your connection that's buggered?

Aww! Is there no way of getting this fixed?

Only when Virgin sort it out their end. The engineer said it has been going on for months (I have had problems for awhile, but never this bad), so god knows when they think fixing it is appropriate.

As you can see, I have some access, but it's sub-dial-up speed.

Ours is pretty bad at the moment too. Not quite that bad but getting there.

Don't ya just love engineers! :(

You go raid that WiFi! And steal it from coffee shops! And airports! (Though that last one might be tricky...)

See you on the other side, at any rate. :)

It sounds like an olde-worlde village - Little-Internet-by-the-Green, Lower-Little-Internet, Little-Internet-by-Virgin maybe...

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