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LSL Doublemeat Place icons

My internet connection at home is now non-existent, so I've decamped to the parents for solace. I do have a little something to offer for my absence.

It's lateseasonlove challenge time! I took a bit of a break for computer problems and lack of inspiration, but I'm back for Doublemeat Palace.

C+C as usual.

Resource makers are listed here.</div>



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aaaaaaaaaaahahaahhaha the second one is CLASS!! gotta nab!
lovely icons hun :D

It was asking for it. Thanks!

Oh, you are WICKED.

Otherwise, aww. I have such dumb affection for "Doublemeat Palace." And you captured Spike wearing that sweater, which I always thought was hotness.

I think the rest did the artistic muse some good.

I always liked DP, I never understood why everyone thought it was so bad (I think it was possibly out of place in the later seasons though, it might have worked better in season three). I'm neutral on the sweater, but it's miles better than the blue!

Taking 'come with me'. Will credit. Thanks!

Good ones! Snagged Buffy and Spike.
Clever way to work around the DMP colors.

What get rid them entirely? ;)

Ah no LOL just like getting rid of the 'pretty' hat Buffy had to wear :) You only see her face, not so much from her hat just a little bit. (icon 'Boredom') :) Clever choice of the picture (display detail / crop); it's different in a good way.

It was in the way! I try to crop in less obvious ways.

Mission accomplished *gg*

Lovely. I especially like the 3rd one. ::squishes::

It's a favourite of mine too!

The fourth one intrigues me... it sucks you in. Come with Me and Wicked are also faves out of this lot - they're very pretty.

It took a lot of tinkering that fourth one, but I thought it came out quite nice.

It did! Though I was wondering whether I should be able to recognise the text (I can read it, but I wasn't sure where it was from).

No, it's a random texture from dearest. I have no idea what it is.

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