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I'm having a a spot of bother. My Internet connection has dropped to the speed of a seaside donkey in the Grand National, i.e. that of dial up. Virgin Media have been called, a problem was diagnosed and a technician was dispatched - only to tell me that there was nothing he could do, the problem was at their end and had been ongoing for a couple of months! But the good news was that we're all going up to 20MB 'sometime'. That's no good to me now! Grrr.

This is why I haven't been about as much as usual.

However, I am here [on the parent's connection] to announce my summer tour!

Anyone what to join hils and myself in Milton Keynes on Friday, 4th of May - the night before Collectormania for meet up type thingy?


Maybe my appearance at writerconuk would be more your thing? There's still a few places left! How could you resist?

There's a raffle, you know.

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I'll see you at Writercon UK. Shan't be in MK till Saturday morning some time.

That's a shame (there's only the two of us so far!)

Well, it seems as if I won't be likely to turn up till the afternoon now, but I still hope to see you there.

I'm not going to the main do, just keeping Hils company for the evening.

oh okay. At one of these parties?

I phoned NTL to complain to them, only to discover they'd morphed into Virgin Media. Obviously Virgin is now succumbing to the pathology that haunted NTL through its unnaturally long and annoying life.

I think they've bitten off a lot to chew myself.

If I'm still in the UK and himself is off painting the boat, I could come for an early afternoon/evening meetup in MK. Give me a venue and a time and I'll let you know at the end of April.

Whee! I have no idea yet. Probably Hils' hotel (I have no idea which one though)

Dang! I forgot. My car's 'cold start' is very iffy (the pistons are knackered or something and it's not worth the cost of the repair). If himself is in France, he'll be using the Vectra and I wouldn't be happy leaving the dog and driving off in a car that might not start for the return journey home.

::massive pout:: I need a replacement car but can't have one until the MOT on this one runs out in August and it's officially certified 'dead'.

Oh dear. I could pick you up.

That would be great, but you'd have to bring me home again. Mind you, you could stay over if it was very late when we got back.

I'm used to late night driving, that won;t be a problem. We'll discuss it nearer the time, eh?

OK. There's every chance I will be in France at the time anyway. Himself is keen to get some painting done before the end of April and head off for a cruise at the beginning of May.

I'll let you know when I know for definite. Do I have your landline phone number? email it to my gmail address just in case.

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