Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,


I'm having a a spot of bother. My Internet connection has dropped to the speed of a seaside donkey in the Grand National, i.e. that of dial up. Virgin Media have been called, a problem was diagnosed and a technician was dispatched - only to tell me that there was nothing he could do, the problem was at their end and had been ongoing for a couple of months! But the good news was that we're all going up to 20MB 'sometime'. That's no good to me now! Grrr.

This is why I haven't been about as much as usual.

However, I am here [on the parent's connection] to announce my summer tour!

Anyone what to join hils and myself in Milton Keynes on Friday, 4th of May - the night before Collectormania for meet up type thingy?


Maybe my appearance at writerconuk would be more your thing? There's still a few places left! How could you resist?

There's a raffle, you know.

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