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The joys of womanhood

I need chocolate!!!!!!!


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I need chocolate too. In fact, I always need it.

I'm not usually this bad and all I have is three manky apples in the fridge.

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I find a little GBH goes a long way under these circumstances.

Will it get me chocolate?

Depends who you assault. That Cadbury fella's soft as shite.

But I would have to find him and that would be worse than driving across town to the only garage I know is open (and therefore also losing my parking space)!

I eat all the chocolate I had this past weekend for the same reason. Being a woman is great but why do we have to go through this each month?

Have you got any sugar? It's not as satisfying, but it gives you a (fake) high.

/Is this even relevant anymore?

I have sugar, but it wasn't what I was after (which I think was milk as cereal would have done. I also didn't have either of those).

I have feed the need with Ferrero Rocher.

I have feed the need with Ferrero Rocher.

Good choice. And there's the added bonus of being able to pretend you're classy as you stuff your face (not that you would, I'm sure)!

It was the nuts more than anything.

Rickmansworth Tesco has an alarming amount of chocolate in it. Are they expected a shortage?

Or maybe everyone in a four mile radius is biologically synchronised?

Nah. I, at least, am out. But I can't speak for the rest of the population.

I used to work in Ricky, they seemed normal enough to me.

It's probably more likely Easter.

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