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This is getting silly now.

Haven't posted in a while as I've had very little to say beyond 'I fell over again (while drunk this time) and ripped some lovely new holes in my hands', but finally I have something to add!


I've twisted the bad ankle again and I can barely walk. :(

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Are you absolutely positive that there isn't a curse attached to that job? I know we've discussed that before, but you have to admit the evidence is piling up.

I'm just getting over a bad case of the flu, myself. Just about in time to take off for vacation--I hope anyway.

Take care of yourself while I'm away. Pleaase.

Hee. You know, the day I buggered up my hands I was typing up a report of 'carelessness type accidents'!

Hope the flu doesn't linger on!

I'll try.

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