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Lunar Eclipse picture

I said I would post my dad's picture of the Lunar Eclipse from last weekend for hesadevil and curiouswombat, so here it is (finally):

My dad is into astro-photography. This is through binoculars.

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Your dad did a great job!

He reckons it's a bit blurry, but it isn't bad!

OOH! That looks really cool! Alas I was without camera when it happened :(

No worry! There'll be another next year. At three in the morning...

Wow, how awesome does that look.

It looked pretty good through the binoculars too, really 3D!

Very nice, especially so since cloud cover blocked my view of the event.

Thought that was fireworks?

They're both orange...

Cool! That is rather neat - well done BogDad.

I'm going to tell him you called him that! I'm sure he be delighted!

coool! excellent quality for a through the binoc shot! lovely hun. unfortunitely it was feckin misty here so i didnt get to see it lol.

Shame he didn't get the telescope out really.

That's a smashing shot. I kept telling MWNN that the moon's craters we clearly visibly at full eclipse. but he couldn't see them - and he was the one using the binoculars.

Thanks for sharing.

I didn't have my camera with me when we saw it but I could never have taken a shot as clear as that. Thanks for sharing and well done to your dad.

I think the binoculars were the key!

Well done. I was at work up here in the US but and missed it. Now I don't feel so left out.

Couldn't you have a sneaky look out of the window?

In the rear view mirror on my way home. Half orange moon last night, very pretty.

I think the moon is always pretty really.

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