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Drabble: Maps (Spike/Buffy)

Tried to get this out for calove's birthday. So close!

Maps by Bogwitch

When Spike returned, Buffy found her missing piece.

They travel now. Showing her the world – the colours, the wonders, the people.

Yet for all his changes, the view is through demon eyes – sights are seen under moonlight, beautiful cities hold macabre nostalgia and there’s always something to fight. Slaying is an international business and she’s a jet set Slayer slowly learning that the world is big, wide place.

She has a map where she marks all the places they go, colouring them in as they move on the next place.

But the only colour she has to use is blood.

ETA: There should have been a Happy Birthday! there too.


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Excellent. He's still a creature of the night, whatever his soul has done for him.

Her demon origins call to his.

Whatever. Yummy to see them together.

Two minutes is close enough!

Lovely - double-edged and bittersweet. It's easy to forget in the fun of getting these two back together that there has to be a future, and it's hardly going to be sunshine and flowers.

I hope you had a good day.

Wherever they go the darkness will find them and besides, he's been everywhere, there's bound to be a few nasty memories of these places.

I did, thank you, so much so I had another one today. I got Season 2 Green Wing DVDs (including the special). There is no bad. I haven't laughed so much since... well, last time they were on the telly.

Excellent news. I saw you had the OC fic out. I shall have to read that when I'm not drunk.

Heh! Being drunk may make it readable :)

So - why are you drunk?

I read the post few lines earlier, it was very readable.

I have been out supporting a mate's Metal/Goth night in his pub,

That sounds like fun! Hope it went well and that the drink was for enjoyment and not to drown the pain inflicted by the bands.

You have no idea.

I forgot about your picture, btw. You still want it?

I'm happy to say I haven't :)

No worries re the picture - KC found a copy for me.

Sleep well - hope you recover soon.

My favorite kind of Spike/Buffy, recognizing the darkness that is a part of both of them. Bravo.

I never have quite seen them settling down.

For all the international jet set, they're both still about the blood. Nice look at their future.

She still has a calling and it's going to follow her wherever she goes. Plus they like that sort of thing!

Very nice. A definite possible future for them complete with dark side. Great last line.

Evil still lurks, and there's plenty of it.

And I am left knowing not what to feel!

Verrry interesting. I love the number of facets there are to this little gem (extended metaphors are my friends).

Probably because it's a bit of a jumble of ideas, but life is a bit like that.

Now you're getting all philosophical on me.

Very nice vision of the future.

Thank you. I don't think this is my best really.

(Deleted comment)
But at least there's fightinh and shagging and arguing to keep them busy!

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