Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Drabble: Maps (Spike/Buffy)

Tried to get this out for calove's birthday. So close!

Maps by Bogwitch

When Spike returned, Buffy found her missing piece.

They travel now. Showing her the world – the colours, the wonders, the people.

Yet for all his changes, the view is through demon eyes – sights are seen under moonlight, beautiful cities hold macabre nostalgia and there’s always something to fight. Slaying is an international business and she’s a jet set Slayer slowly learning that the world is big, wide place.

She has a map where she marks all the places they go, colouring them in as they move on the next place.

But the only colour she has to use is blood.

ETA: There should have been a Happy Birthday! there too.


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