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Job leavings and a Quiz

I left my job at our Watford office today, my last true tie with my home town. Don't suppose I'll go there much now.

I got a sweet sending off, seeing as I'm not leaving the company, just going to another office on secondment. Got a little Prezzie (Including Red Wine and Maltezers! - That's Saturday night sorted). Thanks to any of you who might read this, you've been a great team to work with.

New job in St Albans on Monday. Bit nervous, but I know lots of people there so it shouldn't be too bad. Fingers crossed!

Now to the quiz:

Quite appropriate really. He was my favourite character in The Hobbit (apart from Smaug). Why can't they do The Hobbit next?

Which LotR Male are You Compatible with Sexually?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Good luck with the new job, and Yay on the swag.


Might regret all this when I find out what the job actually is. I only have a vague idea, but it's onlt for six months. After that I don't have any clue where they'll put me.

(Including Red Wine and Maltezers!

How lovely! I wouldn't want to leave such a considerate bunch, even for 6 months! :0)

Yeah. They're a good crowd. Especially as half of them are temps. I was thinking I might get a card, but I was really shocked to get a present too. There was also a little candle and some incense.

There's lots of good people at the new place too as there's been a lot of swapping staff going on.

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