August 21st, 2013

Meg and Mog - Mog [new]

Drabble: 3D or Me

Ooh I managed to finish a fic I started! It's only a drabble, but it's a start.

3D or Me by Bogwitch
Word Count: 100
sb_fag_ends Prompt: 3D or Real Life (July)
Summary: For Buffy 3D is just one D too many.

3D technology wasn’t for Buffy. Things leaping out of the screen made her twitchy, her Slayer instincts kicking in every time something reached out from the 2D plane. It was hard to enjoy a movie when she couldn’t sit still.

But Spike loved his new 3D television; especially the endless football, and he never seemed to notice how horrific Wayne Rooney was in high definition. Yet Buffy was happy he was happy. Really she was.


And if she just happened to throw a stake into the screen during the FA Cup, it wouldn’t be her fault now, would it?