November 26th, 2012


Fanfiction on the Radio

On Radio 4 this afternoon there was a nice little programme about fanfiction that might be of interest to a lot of you:

When Harry Potter Met Frodo: The Strange World of Fan Fiction

If you are not in the UK and are not able to use the BBC iPlayer, if you express an interest in hearing the programme to me, then I'll see if I can get an mp3 for you.

It was nice to hear AO3 involved and there's a lot of talk about crossovers, slash and 50 Shades of Inescapable Grey, plus a bit for quinara about Iliad fanfic. I might just have flared my nostrils though at the implication from some literary writing group type that the although fic writers were welcome to read their work to his group, he didn''t expect the quality to be as good as his literary writers. Grr.