August 12th, 2012

Love and Rockets - Terry

I am Bogwitch and I am an Olympics addict, who knew?

Me. But I was only ever really into the horsey sports (I'm still speechless over Team GB's Showjumping Gold. And Dressage!!!! Though I'm a little sore over the Eventing Silver as that's my favourite). This time I watched (in varying amounts) swimming (pool and free water), fencing, modern pentathlon (the pentathlon showjumping was a hoot), rowing, cycling (road and track), hockey, sailing, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, Judo, boxing... all sorts. Was it only two weeks?

Anyway, what am I going to do now? Go back to watching endless repeats of QI and Time Team? Probably.

But first who wants to chat about the Closing Ceremony????