June 28th, 2012

Love and Rockets - Hopey

Oh Muse, oh why?

Sorry Muse.

I used to love you, but I don't think we can make it work any more. It's not you, it's me (okay, it is you). We are different people now. I'm me and you're fucking Queen. And I have always detested Queen.

I tried to be open minded and ignore your occasional wobbles into 'sounding too much like Queen for my comfort' territory and I was really genuinely pleased you were picked for the Olympic song, but the result just too much for me to deal with, you're making my ears bleed.

I don't understand, you were a great band with a great sound all of your own, why do you feel the need to copy someone else's (dated, overblown and preposterous) sound?


I hope we can stay friends, but I think this is it from me.