June 23rd, 2012

Love and Rockets - Terry

Boggy's Music of the Month

I have been feeling a bit out of it recently, both posting-wise and music -wise, so I have resolved to do something about it.

The thing has got me out of touch with current music is a lack of a conduit for news and new bands. I used to listen to XFM, then I moved and the hill behind me blocks their signal (yes, I know I there's an online stream, but there are other factors that are too long-winded to get into now), then MTV2 disappeared and Adam and Joe aren't on 6 Music anymore, Spotify, while certainly like crack to me in other ways, wasn't getting me into anything new, so I have resolved to look at the NME website every day and listen to their radio station as much as I can. Thus, in the last month I have made tons of discoveries!

I propose then, I will make a weekly post of all the new things I like! (We'll see). These might not be all new songs, but they are new to me, that's what counts, as you will see. I also have no idea with some of them how popular or obscure they are, they could all be number ones for all I know (though I think a few are unsigned/unreleased yet).

First though I have to play catch with my finds for the last month:

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Hopefully, I will be into something totally different next week.