December 31st, 2011


The Bogwitch Creative Review of the Year

Oh dear, oh dear.

Like last year, production on the writing front has been a bit on the spartan side, especially as the year went on and laughably tried to concentrate on Working My Way Back to You (laughable as I have been finding this next chapter so, so hard), but I can’t even say that I was even trying to write for much of the time alas. I do want to write, it's just not coming. I am also finding that I'm not very enthusiastic about posting it when I do finish it.

So most of my creative energy this year then seemed to go into art (if you can call Barbie Buffy ‘art’!), making up for the complete lack of it in 2010.

The highlight of my fandom year (the BtVS part of it anyway) has been the fun fest that sb_fag_ends continues to be; especially the Halloween challenge. We must do more of that.

So this is the full list of my creations for 2011:

BtVS and AtS

Limblessly in Love
Companion piece to Black Widow
(It really feels like an absolute age since I wrote this)

No Escape
Spike/Buffy semi-naughtiness


More Working My Way Back to You (BtVS):

Um. 34

And Long Time Dead, my contribution to the sb_fag_ends Halloween Challenge. It is still a WIP, but I intend to bring it here and finish it soon.

The Vampire Diaries

Blood, the Tooth and the Claw
Oh Stefan.


One Day

Original Poetry

Ah. Yes. I locked this for a long time, but what the hell, I need to pad this out:

Odes to Coca Cola, Crystal Castles, Thai Curries and Root Beer




Playing Hearts (Spike/Buffy)

The Kiss of the Snow (Spike/Buffy)



The Monster in Me (Sam)

The Vampire Diaries

Love Games (Damon/Stefan/Katherine/Elena)

Also, I was part of this Damon/Elena calendar project that was only posted today. I will post my parts here later.


Barbie Buffy Part 1 Becoming Part 2
Barbie Buffy Part 2 Judgement
Barbie Buffy Part 3 Fool for Love
(Doesn't seem to be a part 4)
Buffy Barbie Part 5 Beneath You
Buffy Barbie Part 6 Destiny

Buffy Barbie: sb_fag_ends Special

The Vampire Diaries Barbie Part 1

Now that writing meme I always do:

Collapse )