January 19th, 2011

BTVS - Black Widow

Fic: Limblessly in Love (Spike/Buffy gen more or less)

instead of recording myself musing about woodlice and rainbows, I wrote this today for the sb_fag_ends prompt 'Carcass' (from the Siouxsie and the Banshees song), but it got too long for the community! After all the effort I put into make it otherwise qualify as well! Maybe I should have just lied about the wordcount, but I can't really cheat in my own community, can I?

Anyway,shapinglight thought I should write something in my Black Widow-verse and as I have been itching to go back there:

Title: Limblessly in Love
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 1255
Rating: PG-15, sex is mentioned
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (from OC POV)
Warnings: None, i.e. nothing like its mother-fic. Dr Fuller isn’t that kind of woman. At least, only with her soon to be ex husband.
Spoilers: Post-Chosen, companion piece to Black Widow.
Summary: When Buffy escapes the military, someone is going to take the flak.
Authors Note: You need to read Black Widow first. Prompt response to the sb_fag_ends prompt from Punk Month: Carcass.

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