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I seriously have nothing to say, as you can probably tell, but I'm starved of human contact.


I'm bored with describing darkness now. I want to describe sun for a change! A bit of a problem when writing vampire fic.

I know I can just say it's dark and get on with it, but that's not my style.

I need more dark words. Dark, darkness, shadows, gloom...

(I'm not supposed to be, but I'm writing Black Widow Part 2 btw. Hopefully the plot will occur to me soon).


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Gloaming. It's a tad archaic, though...

The First could make it daylight in an attempt to freak Spike out, maybe?

I love "gloaming." Hee, look, I was typing it while you were posting it!

gloaming is a new one on me. I love stygian, but it's not one you can use a lot.

I don't know gloaming. I will have to round it arounf the tongue a bit.

Does The First have that sort of power?

Let's see...

inky, stygian, gloaming, dusky, murky, overcast, clouded, twilight, midnight, sunless, sundown, black, jet-black, obsidian, pooling shadows...

Most of those are adjectives, I need more nouns, Murk I forgot, but you can't avoild 'shadow' can you?

How are you feeling?

You're writing The Black Widow's sequel? This is great news...(she dances merrily on the chair) I loved that story... can't wait to read part 2.

It was always pencilled in 'for the spring' but I wanted to do some more to my WIP first. The muse won't be denied it seems.

Hmm. Thanks. I was thinking more retorically, because really there's about 4 workhorse words and a ton of more literary ones. I'm not adverse to a long poncy word on occasion, but the world needs more workhorse nouns, don't you think? (that has brought to mind your wonderful use of 'Percheron' which has stuck in my head).

Dusk, umbra, murk, twilight.

Is Black Widow 2 displacement activity? You won't find any sunshine there either, methinks.

Dusk and twilight are too specific (and bright). I had forgotten murk so I have at least one more to play with.

It might well be displacement activity. It's been nagging a long time, but I finally started piecing together the bits I had of it together yesterday. I have all the stuff until the major event then I don't have a clue after that. I think it's going to be quite long.

Well, I did a google search to define dark but the only thing I thought really interesting was that the love of darkness is called lygophilia.

"The dark pitched Spike into a fit of lygophilia. He was home."

Since you are running a theme of spiders, consider looking for words along that line that you might use. Also think about the feelings that the dark might induce. Claustrophobia, blindness, spookiness. If nothing else you might get your brain moving in a different direction.

A fit of lygophilia? What does that look like?

The spider thing is good, especially as I need to work it in more.

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