November 1st, 2009


Fic: Working My Way Back to You - Chapter Thirty-One - Warpath

Hopefully the cat will leave me alone long enough to post this.

This was meant to have been posted last Tuesday, but events and an accident where I managed to wipe the finished copy off my flash-drive prevented it being posted sooner.

Working My Way Back To You

No characters were harmed in the making of this fic. They do not belong to me, but are the property of Fox Entertainment and Mutant Enemy.

Summary: Spike/Buffy. Post-Chosen, Post Hellbound. What did you think the First Evil was doing after the closure of the Hellmouth? Knitting evil jumpers?

Thanks to myfeetshowit for her beta work again.

Keep up in PDF! WORKING MY WAY BACK TO YOU IN PDF Just like a book might be, only better!

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