September 24th, 2009


Missing Cat

I think I've lost my cat. And it's my fault.

I've just spent the last hour searching. She's an indoor cat but she likes looking out of the window. Because she's wobbly on her legs and I live in a first (i.e. not ground) floor flat I have a grill that fits across the window when it's open. Tonight I forgot to fit the grill. I was woken my the sound of a fox barking and there she is sitting on the grass below my window. I get my clothes on and rush down there and she's gone. I can't find her anywhere and there's at least two foxes out there.

She's shy and never been outside. I'm worried sick.

I need sleep so much, but she's out there and lost and might be injured.


Nope. She's gone

Still no sign of the cat.

There's a little food out, a cushion cover I don't mind losing and a box. I've spoken to the local busibodies, kids and the dog walkers. There's signs up in the park.

I've walked miles today searching the park and the trees; all the places I can think of.

When I get the energy I'm going to sprinkle some of her litter on the grass outside.

I'm exhausted, not eating, and still catless.