September 10th, 2009


Crap Day, Part the Second

The afternoon was nowhere near as bad as the morning, thank god.

So the damage:

1. The person that carved me up on the roundabout turning out to be my dad.
2. A whacking great customs charge on my imported SPN DVDs. The hold up in customs also wiping out the point of paying extra for the expedited shipping.
3. After owning up to needing to pay this charge to the Post Room (who'd paid it for me), learning I could have got away with it.
4. Numerous mistakes at work. General dippiness.
5. Minor accident while reversing in the car park resulting in damage to someone else's car that could prove expensive.
6. Cat pissing on the bathroom rug then trampling it all over the flat/sofa/me.
7. Computers that keep crashing.