July 27th, 2009


Fic: And Lucifer Brought the Light (Supernatural)

Erm. This is another prompt fic, but one that went slightly wrong.

gehayi prompted me with: Buffy/Supernatural crossover. Someone from the Buffyverse has to prevent or DOES prevent Lucifer being freed. I wrote a draft, but I didn't like it and started again, only this time the Buffy element didn't fit (it's a bit of a squeeze as it is). This pure Supernatural fic was the result. I am therefore going to give the original draft another go sometime, with the Buffyverse character.


Title: And Lucifer Brought the Light
Author: Bogwitch
Wordcount: 1062
Characters: Dean, Sam, Lucifer.
Summary: A post-4.22 tag. The war was about to begin
Author's Note: Spoilers for Lucifer Rising, carries on as that one ends.

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