July 21st, 2009


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I'm bored. I was going to do some goodie bag stuff now I've got everything together, but I left the important stuff at work, so I can't.

To prevent me buying more crap on Ebay, inspire me with daft prompts or somesuch. Supernatural, Dark Angel or Buffy, I'm not fussy. You might get a ficlet or a drabble or just a couple of lines, lets see how we go.

ETA: New rule: I'll accept no more crossover prompts. The point of including the other fandoms was to get away from the Buffyverse!


Dabble: Sweetheart Surrender (Willow/Tara)

Sweetheart Surrender by Bogwitch
(BtVS, Season Four, Willow/Tara, Certificate U, For Quinara. Prompt: Love Hearts (Sweethearts)

They appear when she's not looking, when she’s out of the room or when she turns away, always silently placed where she can find them by some unknown hand.

There's one in the bottom of her bag when she’s looking for a pen. There's one on the edge of her lunch tray when she returns with another drink. One even materialises on her nightstand as she sleeps.

They make Willow’s stomach flutter, this trail of cute candies, little sweethearts that tell her that Tara’s thinking of her; but it’s not the sugar that makes her tummy tingle, it’s the love.