January 25th, 2009


Fic: The Book of Dean (An Excerpt) - (Supernatural)

I doubt there''ll ever be a right time to post this:

Title: The Book of Dean (An Excerpt)
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 1415
Rating: Gen, humour, PG
Characters: Dean, Castiel
Spoilers: Through 4x11
Summary: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and… Dean?
Authors Note: Thanks to myfeetshowit for beting. I woke up one morning after watching ‘In the Beginning’ and this started to worm its way out of my brain. It’s a weird little thing that stuffs about half a season of Supernatural into the one conversation from ‘Lazarus Rising’ (near enough). Seeing as the show is getting all biblical and everything, I’ve attempted to write this in the style of an extract from a book of a new Bible (‘Bible II: The Apocalypse’, perhaps?), hence the useless verse numbers, but I’ve only ever read about half of the Book of Revelation before I gave up so I apologise now, it’s only a joke. I've probably explained too much. Please let me know what you think! ::Bites nails::

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