September 14th, 2008


Drabble: Paris Sucks (Harmony)

For the 10 minutes I was actually there, Paris was fine.

Title: Paris Sucks
Warnings: None.
Character: Harmony
Summary: Reality doesn't live up to the fantasy

Paris sucked.

At least Harmony thought so. So far she hated it.

Wasn’t the city supposed to be romantic? Some chance. She was just as lonely as ever.

She crossed her arms over the railing and rested her head. She missed Spike like she never thought she ever would, but Paris was going to be their special place. He’d promised her dancing and designer shopping and romantic midnight strolls along the river, before grabbing a bite to eat together and sucking them dry.

At least he’d nodded when she’d suggested all that.

That was as good as a promise, right?