January 12th, 2008


(no subject)

Thought I'd better post before people forget who I am (I'm feeling that might be a distinct possibility).

Not that I have anything to say, but I shall make a bulleted list anyway:

  • Christmas was quiet, except for laying a new wooden floor in my flat;

  • Collapse )

  • I care less than zero about that Dr Who spin-off, in fact I was far more excited about the return of the dinosaur chasing drama Primeval today, which says a lot;

  • I have a new computer (built out of the remains of the old one). It's all black and slinky and has blue lights and gull wing kind of doors. The new speakers are awesome and I finally have a flat screen monitor;

  • Muse is still AWOL, but I have made some progress with the WIP (hurrah!).

  • Er... that's it.