December 31st, 2007


Writing Meme 2007

Happy New Year for 2008!

But first a review of my creative year...

The full list for 2007:

A look at Spike/Buffy during End of Days
If I Could Turn Back Time
Illyria does karaoke.
Working My Way Back to You (a bit of it anyway) a not-abandoned WIP.

My traditional anti-Valentine.
Spike/Buffy drabble
Just Deal
Another Spike/Buffy drabble
Spike & Angel drabble

Plus some icons and wallpapers.

Oh dear.

It's hardly been a vintage writing year for me, has it? A combination of a new job, exams, Writercon and new found interests in three other fandoms have driven me to writer's block. Woe.

But I did get a bit done and I've revived last year's writing meme:

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