November 20th, 2007


Wallpaper and Icons and Waffle

This is so getting me a telling off from quinara, but I'm posting my Supernatural heresy anyway!

Here, for all those interested, I have a Dean wallpaper for you. I'm still working on the Sam one, his flipping hair is doing me in.

Sorry, my Quotations Dictionary I couldn't think of any better wording.

If people want me to make wallpapers in other sizes, let me know. Does anyone still even use a screen resolution of 800x600 any more? Have we all gone widescreen over the years I've doing these? (except me - my CRT seems to want to live forever and I can't justify replacing something perfectly good with a flat widescreen just because they're a bit sexy).

Plus! Icon dump! Time to clear out the stuff hanging around on my hard drive. Most of them are ones I made for lateseasonlove but forgot to post. I never posted them here but some have been on my website.

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